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Resolve Scalp Elixirs


When hair won’t grow, sudden hair loss, hair loss from medication and chemotherapy, alopecia, balding and thinning is a serious indication that there is an imbalance within the hair follicle. Grow is a potent blend of herbs and oils that are specific to hair growth. Attaching within the hair follicle to cells and hair follicles that are slow to grow, are stunted in growth, and are too acidic to allow the hair to grow, Grow will activate your cells to work and make your hair grow. Our special blend of herbs penetrates and aggressively stimulates immediate hair growth, even in the most difficult of cases.


Boils, scalp burns, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, and irritating skin and scalp conditions can not only be annoying, they can cause such pain that it makes it virtually impossible to concentrate. Quickly heal, protect, bring balance, prevent further outbreaks, and smooth the complexion. Get immediate relief with this deep healing and penetrating formula. It penetrates the skin and scalp, tissue, and into the cells. Corrects, repairs, and brings balance to the unhealthy cells.


Eczema, scalp irritation, skin and scalp rash, ring worm, lice, tethers, and other contagious skin and scalp conditions need aggressive treatment that will stop bacteria and fungal growth, relieve the pain, itch & discomfort, and get rid of the source of your recurring issue. NaturaRid is formulated with antiseptic and antifungal herbs and oils that are so effective & potent they carefully extract all traces of unhealthy fungus and bacteria. Next, it brings balance and harmony to prevent future outbreaks and puts back what your scalp needs to be healthy.


Severely itchy scalp, scalp & skin rash, severe scalp irritations, boils, scalp burns, scalp secreting blood or puss, painful and troubled scalp conditions is a problem. Our healing and soothing poultice is the answer.

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