Hair/Beauty Consultation and Styling

Saniyyah Naturally provides incomparable professional hair care services and beauty consultation for individuals as well as companies who are in high profile industries.  Our exclusive services in natural hair styling, design, and undetectable hair additions give our clients the ‘stand out beauty’ and polished edge that distinguishes them from the rest.  We provide services for press junkets, media events, premiers, weddings, and high pr...

Saniyyah Naturally Products

Saniyyah Naturally is the premier full line of authentically natural products. Our products are cruelty free and includes no harmful ingredients  of petroleum, mineral oil, bees wax, or sulfates. We maintain integrity in our formulas and manufacturing and select the best locally grown ingredients. You can trust when you pick up a bottle of any of our products, your beauty, health, and wellness is our priority. With every purchase of San...

Lisa, Actress & Natural Beauty

The Lemongrass and Aloe Vera Pomade leaves my natural hair soft, manageable, and gives a great hold to my rod sets and two strand twists.  I don’t waste time or money on other products. Saniyyah Naturally is the only product line that I will use on my hair or my children’s hair. I appreciate that Saniyyah Naturally is authentically natural and gets the job done right!

Nadirah Sabir, Journalist and Entrepreneur

This is it! My hair looks feels and smells beautiful. Whatever is in this formula, works like a dream come true. With my hair color, I need a product that will keep my hair moist and strong. With the Saniyyah Naturally Healing Salve, I am able to have healthy and beautiful hair and color at the same time.    

Jamilah, Owner

I had been natural for years and one day I had the bright idea to go bright red.  I left the color on too long and damaged my hair so bad that I could see my scalp, my locs were hanging on by strands, and my hair was so dry that it would break with a simple touch.  That’s when I developed the Saniyyah Naturally Damaged Hair Repair Kit. The products helped my hair grow long and strong, it immediately arrested the severe breakage and damage,...

Jabari, Personal trainer and Entrepreneur

I suffered from seborrhea and for years I used the wrong products on my scalp.  My scalp was oily, itchy, and very flaky. Nothing I have used works like the Tea Tree and Neem Shampoo and the Long and Strong Leave in Conditioner.  The sulfate free shampoo dissolves the flakes, stops the bacteria from developing, and balances my scalp. The conditioner soothes the itching, heals, and is light enough to add moisture without adding heavy oils t...

Victoria, Financial Planner and Mom

With my relaxer and strand by strand hair weave, I need a ‘get it done’ conditioner. The Long and Strong Conditioner makes my hair strong, prevents breakage, and moisturizes without heavy oils. My hair is always healthy and beautiful with Saniyyah Naturally.

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Welcome to Saniyyah Naturally. Our natural fragrance will delight you, our selective choice of ingredients will earn your respect, and the way your hair responds will keep you coming back for more.  We take pride in providing authentically natural products for natural hair, damaged hair, transitioning hair, and hair that craves for the best ingredients.   We use organic and natural ingredients like coconut oil, pure aloe vera, castor oil, argan, pure shea butter,

 grape seed oil, rosemary, lavender, neem, peppermint, lemongrass, and marigold.

Our full line of products specifically addresses issues of hair breakage, alopecia, psoriasis, sebborhea, itchy scalp, dry hair, and severe scalp issues. Our products are made in small batches and we do not add harmful preservatives or fillers in our manufacturing.  Enjoy. Peace, love, and great hair!